Europass and its documents
Europass and its documents

The Europass Curriculum Vitae – an advantage for any job application

The three essential benefits which the EuropassCurriculum Vitae delivers for every job application are clarity, transparency and correctness. This enables the document to present qualifications and competences acquired in a systematic manner and to provide a comprehensive and personal profile. Presentation takes place in a chronological and flexible form.

The Europass Curriculum Vitae adopts a learning outcomes oriented approach towards the description and definition of qualifications. This allows it to offer a clear statement of the knowledge and skills of job applicants whilst not being exclusively tied to educational pathways, learning times or institutions. The Europass Curriculum Vitae permits a “free” depiction of all qualifications and competences, regardless of whether these have been acquired via formal or non-formal pathways and irrespective of whether they encompass informal learning or social competences such as social skills and the ability to function as a team player.

Everyone fills in his or her own Europass Curriculum Vitae. Information on how to do this and on the various aspects which need to be considered is provided here.

Flyers and brochures on the Europass Curriculum Vitae are available in the download area of the website. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Europass Curriculum Vitae are available here.