Europass für institutions

The Europass Mobility

The purpose of the Europass Mobility is to provide evidence of periods of learning spent in other European countries. It documents learning experiences of every kind, at every level and in pursuit of any learning objective as long as certain quality criteria are met. It is aimed at all citizens of EU member countries, all citizens of EEA states and all citizens of Croatia, Switzerland Macedonia and Turkey who are undertaking or who have completed a period of learning, a practical placement, individual sections of their initial or continuing vocational education and training or individual sections of their higher education course of study abroad.

The Europass Mobility is jointly filled in by the home and host organisations. These may be a vocational school and a company, for example. These organisations agree and certifying the period of learning. If you wish to apply for the Europass Mobility, the first thing you will need to do is to register. If you have already registered, please click here.

Please note that the Europass Mobility cannot be applied for earlier than ten weeks before the beginning of the stay abroad. If you apply for your document within the scope of the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme, you will also be able to use the learning agreements, the participant agreements and the partner confirmations which the programme includes. Practical information is available here.

In your capacity as an institutional applicant within the LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme, you can transfer the data of your participants to the Europass documents applied for via a single click. This is of particular benefit for group measures.

Flyers and brochures on the Europass Mobility are available in the download area of the website. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Europass Mobility are available here.