Europass for human resources managers

In a nutshell: the Europass Mobility at a click

Who can obtain the Europass Mobility?
All persons undertaking a period of learning abroad. This may involve such activities as a practical placement, part of a course of initial vocational education and training or a semester spent at an institute of higher education abroad. The important thing is that the period of learning spent abroad fulfils certain quality criteria.

Who issues the Europass Mobility?
The Europass Mobility is jointly filled in by the home and host organisations. These may be a vocational school and a company, for example. These two organisations agree on the period of learning to be spent abroad, which they certify by signing and officially stamping the Europass Mobility.

What benefits does the Europass Mobility provide for companies?
It provides information on the substantive content of learning experiences, thus shedding light on the skills and abilities of the person in question.