Europass for human resources managers

The Europass Curriculum Vitae – competences at a click

Formal requirements and expectations as to what constitutes a correct Curriculum Vitae are not the same in all EU countries. The fact that documents are not always comparable often creates problems for human resources managers in particular. This is where the Europass Curriculum Vitae comes into play. It enables the drawing up of a clear, well set out and correct Curriculum Vitae and establishes a greater degree of transparency within the European context. The Europass Curriculum Vitae is competence based, meaning that applicants are also encouraged to consider their personal competences and to enter these onto their Curriculum Vitae in a targeted manner. This allows human resources managers rapidly to gain a good overall picture of applicants.

The Europass Curriculum Vitae is the “umbrella document” of all Europass documents. It may be supplemented with other documents as and when required so that a broad-ranging overall impression emerges of the individual qualifications and competences of job applicants.

Flyers and brochures on the Europass Curriculum Vitae are available in the download area of the website. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Europass Curriculum Vitae are available here.

In a nutshell: the europass Curriculum Vitae at a click