Europass for job applicants

Taking advantage of the opportunities which mobility offers

Anyone wishing to be successful in today’s training and work environment needs to expand his or her knowledge and skills on a permanent basis. Lifelong learning has long since become a self-evident part of this process, the main alignment of which focuses on learning outcomes – or on what a person knows and is able to do upon conclusion of a learning process. The important thing is to be able to present the experiences and skills acquired in a clear and understandable form. And this is exactly what the Europass does.

The Europass is an important tool for mapping learning and work experience gained in Europe, fulfilling this function by providing a clearly structured and transparent representation of school and vocational qualifications. It provides an important plus in job applications by making all essential information available at a glance, whilst also affording an opportunity to present a Curriculum Vitae in an individual form. This ensures that a person’s profile becomes clearly recognisable. The Europass opens up better opportunities on the labour market both at home and abroad by providing documents in all EU languages which are comparable right across Europe. The following link offers specific information on possible pathways abroad.

The Europass consists of five documents, although it is completely up to users which documents they wish to use. This depends on what they would like to use the Europass for. The Europass documents at a glance:

Europass Curriculum Vitae – assistance in finding a job
Europass Language Passport – using language as a bridge
Europass Certificate Supplements – making comparisons easy
Europass Mobility – opening the door to life and work in Europe
Europass Diploma Supplement – your ticket to Europe 

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