Europass and its documents
Europass and its documents

Questions on the Europass Diploma Supplement

Who can obtain the Europass Diploma Supplement?
The Europass Diploma Supplement is aimed at higher education graduates in all EU member states.


How and where can I obtain the Europass Diploma Supplement?
The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued by the institute of higher education or university awarding the degree (to complement the degree certificate).


Does the Europass Diploma Supplement apply equally to German "Diplom" degrees, Bachelor degrees and Masters degrees?
Yes. A Resolution of the Ministers of Education of the Member States provides for Europass Diploma Supplements to be issued automatically and free of charge to all graduates of any degree programme from 2005 onwards. The issuing of Diploma Supplements is the responsibility of the institutes of higher education. No legal right to a Diploma Supplement currently exists.


Are templates available for the Europass Diploma Supplement?
The template (blank document) is available via a closed section of the Europass site which is only accesible to institutes of higher education. Such institutes need to register in order to use this service. Once registration has been activated, the document may be downloaded and filled in English and German. Completed Diploma Supplements are not stored on the Europass homepage. The Internet pages of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) also provide a Diploma Supplement template, although this does not contain the Europass logo.