Europass and its documents
Europass and its documents

The Europass Language Passport – the cultural dimension

Professional aspects are not the only factor which leads to success in working life. Social competence also plays a particular role in considerably increasing opportunities on the labour market. A period of study and work abroad always offers a linguistic and cultural dimension. This is something which the Europass Language Passport, developed by the Council of Europe, takes fully into account. It lists all diplomas and certificates obtained and describes the individual linguistic experiences of every single person.

The Europass Language Passport was developed by the Council of Europe. It forms part of the European Language Portfolio and uses a self-assessment grid based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to document language knowledge. This enables you to deploy common criteria recognised across Europe to record and evaluate your own knowledge of languages.

Flyers and brochures on the Europass Language Passport are available in the download area of the website. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Europass Language passport are available here.