Europass für institutions

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The Europass is an instrument which is ideally suited to the presentation of qualifications, skills and competences in a comprehensible manner right across Europe. It thus opens the door to learning and work in Europe across all areas including higher education study, training and job search or equally within the scope of salaried employment or freelance work.

The documents which the Europass encompasses – the Europass Curriculum Vitae, the  Europass Language Passport, the Europass Certificate Supplements, the Europass Mobility and the Europass Diploma Supplement – enable it to portray a broad spectrum of the learning experiences and skills which people bring to the table. Only the Curriculum Vitae and the Language Passport, however, may be completed by the respective document holders themselves. Whereas the Certificate Supplements are occupationally related documents and may be downloaded, the Europass Mobility and the Europass Diploma Supplement are applied for and filled out by private educational providers, companies, vocational schools, general schools or institutes of higher education. Important tips and hints on how to proceed with the Europass Mobility are available here. Further details on the Europass Diploma Supplement are available here.

As well as fulfilling all the functions described, the Europassalso takes current European developments in the documentation of educational and training qualifications into account. Because of the fact that it illustrates learning outcomes, the Europass is able to deliver future sustainability within the scope of requirements emerging in the wake of EU vocational training initiatives such as the EQF, the DQR and ECVET as well as in respect of requirements brought about in the higher education sector via ECTS.

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