Europass for human resources managers

How your company benefits

Mobility and lifelong learning are becoming economic factors of increasing significance in a society and worId of work undergoing ever greater globalisation. This is creating new challenges for European educational policy. The Europass is an important “instrument” within this context. It is a future oriented document which supports you in finding skilled staff in the countries of the European Union. It is already according due consideration to the ideas emerging form a whole series of EU initiatives, which will ensure greater learning outcome orientation and better transnational comparability from 2012 onwards.

The Europass“maps mobility” and presents the competences and qualifications acquired during a period of learning or work abroad in a clear and comprehensible form. It provides standardised documents for 31 states within Europe.   The consequences of this are significantly enhanced legibility and greater transparency with regard to the competences of international job applicants. In terms of everyday work within a company, this makes it much easier to screen job applications. This was an express wish of trade and industry and was something which was taken into account from the very start of the Europass development process.

The importance of the Europass will continue to grow in future. More and more institutions, chambers and associations are already using the five instruments which constitute the Europass as binding templates for their applications procedures.

The Europass documents at a glance:

Europass Curriculum Vitae – competences at a click
Europass Language Passport – a comprehensive overall picture
Europass Certificate Supplements – making qualifications comparable
Europass Mobility – learning and work in Europe
Europass Diploma Supplement – greater transparency in the higher education sector 

Flyers and brochures on the Europass are available in the download area of the website. Answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Europass are available here.

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