Europass for job applicants

The Europass at institutes of higher education: information for higher education students

The Diploma Supplement is of particular benefit to job applicants seeking to obtain employment or a position in higher education directly upon completion of their higher education studies. In some cases, the Diploma Supplement is even required as a mandatory supplement to the degree certificate. Even those not currently contemplating a move abroad should, however, secure the document. It may be that they will take the decision to undertake a period of work or study in another European country at a later date.

Both the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) support the introduction of the Europass Diploma Supplement at German institutes of higher education. The underlying principle is that the Resolution of the European Ministers of Education of 2003 has obliged institutes of higher education to present a Diploma Supplement – preferably in English – together with the original degree certificate since 1 January 2005.  The document may also be issued retrospectively.

In practice, the Diploma Supplement mainly tends to come into its own in conjunction with the new Bachelor and Masters courses of study, to which is also principally aligned. Anyone commencing one of these courses of study today will automatically receive the document upon completion of the course. Whether the Diploma Supplement is issued for the “old” traditional German courses of higher education study such as the first degrees of “Diplom” (first degree) or “Magister” (a more broadly based course of study) or teaching degrees depends on study regulations or the individual institute of higher education. The Chair of the Examination Board, who also signs the document, is responsible for the issuing of the Diploma Supplement at the respective institutes of higher education.